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What's New at CSGOWild

As you’ve probably already noticed a lot of things have changed on the site. Here’s a little overview on what’s new.


We are now operating with real money under a license in Malta. To play you put in real cash and you win real cash. We’ve put several safeguards in place to ensure that all of the results are fair, that only players in legal territories and of legal age can play and that players are protected at all times.

We’re rolling out slowly to players in a select group of countries. Over the next few weeks/months we’ll be adding more countries as we secure more licensing and add more support.

In order to cash out you’ll need to provide us with proof of your age and where you live - this is exactly the same as any website that allows you to sell skins for real money. You have to provide photo ID and proof of address (utility bill for example). Make sure your documents are correct and you follow the instructions from our support to receive fast payment.

Thanks for coming back!

-Team Wild

Long Version


Valve has publicly stated that the Steam API is to be used only for noncommercial purposes (meaning you can’t make money from any service you build on top of it). This means we can’t accept skins as payment any more. Anyone who is still taking skins as payment is taking a big risk with your inventory as it is open to seizure by Valve. There are also many gambling authorities that have clearly stated that skin gambling is illegal. If you’re still playing on one of these sites you should probably stop - you’re not only playing a game of chance, you’re also risking your skins on a site that could go bust at any moment because Valve shuts it down.


We started the process of seeking licensing a while back and are proud to be the first site focused on the CSGO space to go licensed for real money. We believe this is the future for the CSGO gambling ecosystem and are happy to be leading the charge. We now follow a set of industry best practices that ensure we protect our players, have fair games and that your cash deposits with us are safe. No more days of wide variations in skin prices, having to cash out through third party sites and wait for cashouts.


We’re rolling out slowly to make sure the software and processes are all working as expected and will ramp up more players over the next few weeks. We will also only serve players from a limited number of countries to start. We’re sorry if your country isn’t supported from day 1, but we have to make sure we operate responsibly. Over the next few months we will add more countries to our support list with different game types and of course free play. If you can’t access the site right away keep checking back as we will add more countries over time as we get more licenses.


KYC = Know Your Customer = We need to make sure you are 18+ and live where you say you live in order to pay you out.

This is not negotiable and is exactly the same process you have to go through when you cash out of any website that allows you to sell skins for real money, so it’s not hard and only takes a few minutes! Once you’ve done it once you’re done and won’t have to do it again.